With so many different options available, picking out the right snowboard can be overwhelming. There are multiple variables one should consider when picking out a snowboard. First, is an individual’s snowboarding ability. Typically a beginner will select a shorter, more flexible board to learn quicker. The next factor is one’s riding style. Riders who spend the majority of their time riding at speed on groomers might select a stiffer, longer, “camber” shaped board for optimal edge grip, while park and glades riders will select shorter, more flexible, rocker shaped boards for maximum maneuverability. Finally, you should consider where you will be using the board most often. Riders who mostly go to mountains with high snowfall totals will often select longer, wider and more rocker shaped boards for maximum floatation, while riders who go to mountains with low snowfall totals will benefit from a smaller, camber style board. These are just a few factors to help a rider pick out the best snowboard. It is always best to consult your local ski shop expert to have them help you pick out the right board, or attend a demo to try out multiple options.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced snowboarder Alpin Haus will have the perfect match for you! Come into either of our locations to get instructive information and guidance on which snowboard is the best fit for you.

Here at Alpin Haus we are all about making your snowboard season a memorable one and we will be sure to help you find what you are looking for.